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System Crash Monitor 1.16

If you keep getting system errors, might as well pretend you control them
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Like all operating systems, Windows is not perfect. You’ve probably experienced some of these problems: system freeze, blue screen, abnormal restart or a program crash. Unfortunately, there is no magic software that can fix them. The usual repairing procedure (and most effective) is reinstalling the operating system.
System Crash Monitor can help turn frustration into amusement. The program has absolutely no other functionality except some fake features intended to simulate some control over your system. If Windows keeps crashing and throwing errors, you might as well have some fun. In the application’s interface you can enable some Windows problems, crash frequency and add specific programs that you want to crash. Of course, this has absolutely no effect. But as you select to enable exactly the problems that you already have, it might give you the illusion that you’re actually controlling your system’s behavior. This can be fun, depending on the person.
The program includes some (fake) utilities too, like “Explode CPU”, “Wipe hard drive” and others. Some only show a progress bar and a funny message while others do more. For example, “Pollute sound card and speakers”, besides showing the progress bar, also plays some flatulence sounds.
In conclusion, this program is intended just for fun. Some might appreciate the humor, others might not but at least the irony is to be appreciated.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Can help get rid of frustration
  • Nice irony
  • Funny for some


  • Not all people appreciate this kind of humor
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